Common port scan

to check if common ports are opened or closed on the server


Scan common ports

In the common port scan we check if common services are configured and available on your server. We check on the most used services like HTTP(S), FTP , Mail, remoting and database services.

The folling ports are targeted during this scan:

   21       ftp
   22       ssh
   23       telnet
   25       Mail (SMTP)
   53       domain
   80       http
  110       Mail (POP3)
  143       Mail (IMAP)
  443       https
  445       microsoft (SMB)
 1194       openvpn
 1433       ms-sql-s (SQL Server)
 1723       pptp
 3306       mysql
 3389       ms-wbt-server (RDP)
 5900       vnc
 8080       http-proxy

If you need a more specific scan or a complete port scan please use our Extensive port scan.

Start Common port scan