SEO Tools

We analyze your site and report what can be improved

SEO Tips

Keyword tool

Based on some base keywords we check for more generic search terms and some similar search words.
Using several common words it is easier to write more user friendly content without focussing to much on your desired keyword. Nice side effect is that you will be found more on your global subject and not by repeating your main target keyword over and over again.

SEO Spider

Our SEO Spider tool crawls your entire website and checks for more common mistakes based on content and stucture of all your pages.

Some of the checks

  • Check for unique title, h1 and description tags and usages.
  • Link structure
  • Loading speed of pages and used resources
  • Missing descriptions of images and links
  • Check if content is not unnecessary large or if it can be compressed and/or minified

Sitemap generator

Use our spider tool to crawl your entire website and create a XML sitemap for your pages. We create your sitemap based on the definition from so it can be submitted to searchengines like Google and Bing.


Check if your Javascript, CSS and image files can be compressed. Compressed files download faster which results in a better user experience!